Become A Tank Commander


You’re someone who sees the great sacrifice our veterans have made and understands what it means to give back. You are a leader, ambitious and passionate in everything you do, and we want you on our team. 

Being a volunteer for Therapeutic Tanks goes beyond providing aquarium service. As a Tank Commander you will have the privilege of working with some of the finest members of the US Armed Forces. 

Areas of operation

We Need Your Help!


Therapeutic Tanks is committed to providing aquarium therapy to veterans across the nation. Our organization is growing fast. See below how you can get involved and help us in our mission.

aquariums veterans
aquariums veterans

Why Become A Tank Commander?


Therapeutic Tanks has formed strong relationships with SOCOM’s Warrior Care Program, Bulk Reef Supply, Red Sea, The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and various store fronts across the nation. Align yourself with a reefing organization committed to giving back. As a tank commander you will receive promotion through our various media and relationship networks. You will also be given credit at our public speaking opportunities including MACNA.

Each Tank Commander will also receive a certificate of service, 2 free shirts, and a Therapeutic Tanks challenge coin.  Individuals or organizations will be awarded a plaque celebrating each year of successful service.

Volunteer Application (pdf)