bringing aquarium therapy into the homes of our veterans

About us

Therapeutic Tanks, incorporated in 2016 by an Army Special Operations veteran, operates as a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, non-profit, charitable organization.  Our goal is to provide military veterans suffering from depression or PTSD a useful tool on their road to recovery. 

The idea for Therapeutic Tanks grew from a recognition of the need for alternative therapies in combating the symptoms of Depression and PTSD affecting military veterans.  Recent studies and research have demonstrated both the physiological and psychological benefits of viewing an aquarium.  The feedback for these experiences has been very positive in terms of their impact on lessening the symptoms of PTSD.  Therapeutic Tanks’ desire is to bring aquatic interaction into the homes of struggling veterans so they can have ongoing accessibility to these benefits.  Because the high cost and knowledge required to set up and maintain saltwater aquariums puts these ecosystems out of reach for most,  Therapeutic Tanks was established to provide cost-free and maintenance-free saltwater aquariums to our nation's heroes.


A Unique Approach

Therapeutic Tanks is focused on providing an alternative approach to help veterans  struggling with PTSD.  Our program provides in home, complete saltwater aquarium ecosystems and on-going monthly maintenance services, at no cost.

We enable our members to receive in-home treatment they otherwise may not have access to, with no side effects.  Backed by scientific studies, and proven by veterans of OEF/OIF, in home saltwater aquarium systems are an additional tool to help common problems such as trouble sleeping, controlling anxiety, and managing stress.​